Official Importer of DJI Industrial Solutions

Solar thermal panels, survey and analysis of tree abundant experience and superior technology, such as hospitals, growing a strong partner to our customers as a result.

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It is possible to calculate volume, prepare land compensation plans, analyze crop area and agricultural status, and inspect industrial facilities and facilities using thermal and high-resolution cameras.

Photovoltaic Panel Inspection

You can check solar power plant panels and analyze various images.

Plant clinic

Agricultural and forestry aviation control, forecasting, and control of control are possible.


Ariel Survey

Air quality image, such as hospitals, integrated control system diagnosis survey analysis, solar panels, trees and lives on his techniques for shooting.

DJI Official Importer

It is the official importer of DJI, which controls more than 70% of the global drone market. When you buy DJI products, we will pay attention to the questions and difficulties you had.

Overseas business

By implementing the export business of drone utilization system to Africa (training human resources specializing in Tunisian drone operation), we are expanding our overseas business areas.

educational work

We are working with Inje University and Gimhae City to operate an education center and conduct drone national qualification courses.

Development of mgit


Direct production venture businesses, software.

Drone use and application development and management services through five g and direct the drone venture companies.


Thermal imaging drone solar panel

Photograph a solar panel with a thermal drone to check for defective panels.

It's a company we work with

MOU a contracting company
Through the exchange between Changwon University and MGIT, we gained a lot of good energy with professional knowledge and technology about drones.
Changwon University


We were able to carry out our work easily and professionally while working together with the research and development using drones. We're making great results with amazing technology and services within the timeframe we want.
Dong-A University


(drone) unmanned aerial vehicles to space information and with the potential of drone development of information and professional content with getting a lot of help.
Gimhae City Development Corporation

Gimhae City Development Corporation

Business know-how through technology development

To tell you the business know-how through drone technology development.

Technical Support Travel Support Service

For those who don't know much about drones, we're providing travel assistance.

Rapid response using nationwide distribution

We are responding quickly by utilizing nationwide distribution channels.

Drone a one-stop service.

It does not just end up with drone purchases, but it is also implementing a one-stop service that can solve technical and management areas at once.


Aerial Survey

Korea's 4th Industrial Aviation Survey Company

As a drone utilization solution for aerial diagnosis using industrial drones, the company is growing as its main businesses such as technology service, R&D service, solar power generation panel inspection through thermal imaging, and video analysis and spatial information of various facilities.


Official Importer of Industrial Drone by DJI

DJI Industrial Drone Official Importer

As an official importer of corporate solutions of DJI, the world's No. 1 drone company, we are establishing a nationwide distribution network channel. It can respond quickly from purchasing drones, which are in the early stages of the project, to repair, technical support, and business consulting, etc.


a professional educational institution

a professional educational institution

Inje University and Gimhae City are working together to operate a drone training center. It is approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as a drone specialized institution to train the drone national qualification course.


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Ariel Survey