MGIT Leading the Quadratic Industry
MGIT is a company specializing in aerial survey which is leading the fourth Industrial Revolution of the world.

Dear Partners,MGIT is a company specializing in aerial survey which is leading the fourth Industrial Revolution of the world.We started our company with aerial survey by drone and have now expanded our business to industrial drone supply as well as nationally-certified drone education both domestically and internationally. As we are an official importer for DJI Industrial Solutions, we have extensive experience and will be your best business partner. Now, MGIT is growing its main business with new services: aerial surveys by drone, research and development, analysis of solar power panels by thermogram diagnosis,and analysis with spatial information for all kinds of facilities. In 2020, we established a plant clinic to offer prevention of deforestation and control of agricultural pests by using drones which is the first service of its kind. In terms of education, we are working alongside Inje Drone Academy which is a specialized education center of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT). The academy takes charge of drone education for official government agencies such as the Ocean Resources and Research Institute, Transportation, andn National Army of Korea. Inje Academy is the top drone educator of Korea and as such receives government support for employment and start up companies DJI

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MGIT ‘ s CI i s i nspired by curves of track that the drone makes when i t flies to the sky. The graphic of curves go from the l eft to the right which expresses a graph of i ncreasing so i t means our business will be i mproving. The main blue color symbolizes a bright and positive future and green color represent our energetic and dynamic character of the company.