KOREA MOLIT Specialty Academy.

The academy has not only special experts to train you for a drone national license but also specialized education for teaching and assessment of drone controllers, drone video shooting, 3D mapping, and more. With these special experts, we supply differentiated curriculums as well as stable and high quality drones for practice.

Drone Aerial Law 2021 Drone Control Certification Standard
  • Class 1 : unmanned aerial vehicle : over 25kg ~ 150 kg or less [DJI T16, EFT E616]
  • Class 2 : unmanned aerial vehicle : over 7kg ~ 25 kg or less [DJI M600]
  • Class 3 : unmanned aerial vehicle : over 2kg ~ 7 kg or less [DJI M300, Inspire]
  • Class 4 : unmanned aerial vehicle : over 250g~ 2 kg or less [DJI phantom, Mavic series]
ClassificationDeclarationQualification of control
~250g or lessNo needNo need
~2kg or lessNo needOnline education
~7kg or lessNeed by ownerWritten test, 6hrs flight career
~25kg or lessNeed by ownerWritten test, 10hrs flight career, Informal practical test
Over 25kgNeed by ownerWritten test, 20hrs flight career, Practical test