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04 Korea SMEs and startup agency Entrance 6th Youth startup academy
05 Established MGIT
07 Drone control service for Korea Expressway Corporation’s drone control pilot project
09 MOU contract with Changwon University Industry-University collaboration family corporation
12 Registration as a venture company

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03 Agreement about offering technical education and transfer with Dong-A Ocean Resources Research institute Industry-University R&D
09 Industry-University collaboration with Gyeongnam National Geochang University LINC Plus Organization
10 Service Korea ExpressCorporation, Korea Gas Corporation pilot project of drone use business

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02 Used drone technology under MOLIT special approval to catch a traffic violator during Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
03 Contract of MOU with Gyeongnam Development Corporation
08 Inje Drone Academy designated by Korea MOLIT as special education academy
12 Exported ‘Busan-Model Drone Using System’ to Africa (Drone usage specialist training business in Tunisia)

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02 Gyeongnam University Industry-University contract family MOU
03 Development service of Statistics Korea digital mapping usage for efficiency space investigation
06 Approved by the Ministry of Employment and Labor as a support agency to employment training
09 Educated Korea Transportation Safety Authority on drone use through specialist training business
10 Installed pilot project of Busan virtual reality experience in the city of Busan 12 Award from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Korea-Africa foundation) for start-up Africa Advance
12 Contract MOU with the city of Gimhae Development Corporation

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01 Contract with DJI Industrial Solutions as official importer
03 Established Corporate Affiliation Laboratory (Unmanned Aerial Laboratory)
08 Operation Korea Transportation Safety authority business of training drone controller
09 Contract with Dong-A Green-Converging Technology to train talented individuals
09 Developed and advanced curriculum for Korea Transportation Safety Authority drone mission
10 Registered with Changwon branch as manufacturer (drone self-production

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