Ariel Survey

Volumetric quantity calculation

Raw material volume measurement and status survey are the service areas.

Preparation of land compensation plan

It is a field of digital topographic surveying and drawing work.

Analysis of crop cultivation area and agricultural status

It is a field of surveying the condition of crops using spectrum cameras.

Thermal image utilization
analysis service
  • Using thermal and high resolution cameras
  • Inspection of industrial facilities and facilities
  • Solar Panel Analysis Service
  • GIS solar management system [Self SW]
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Plant clinic
Plant clinic

Plant clinic support and guidance for agriculture and forestry The plant clinic of MGTI is also carrying out prevention of forest destruction and pest control by using smoke screens and spectrum monitoring. Our tree care specialists help prevent deforestation and save the forest with our extensive experience in this field. With our seasoned experts, we are offering high-quality skills and services that even prevent diseases, infections, and epidemics in such industries as rice farming, livestock industry, and AI.

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Integrated control system
Integrated control system

This is a server solution which is able to broadcast control via remotely transmissioned live video feed and monitoring. When linked to your company server, simultaneous video monitoring is possible from nearly any location. You can use this from public institutions to private businesses when coupled with the local IT security system. Our video management system also integrates high definition live stream video so that you can quickly and accurately produce any type of broadcast report.

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An aerial diagnosis job

Solar Panel Analysis
Calculating the amount of storage
Preparation of a land compensation plan
An Analysis of Farming Area and Agricultural Status
Thermal Utilization Analysis Service

Plant clinic
Plant clinic

Prevention Of Deforestation
Pest Control By Smoke Screen
Spectrum Monitoring
Aerial Pest Control
System Of Disinfection Operating

Integrated control system
Integrated control system

Find illegal drone
Detecting in real time
Send 5G guard drone
Real-time flight
Control tower monitoring live video
Live operations