Distribution of DJI Enterprise products

MGIT offers products that are right for the consumer’s business and customized solutions.
  • Local governments and Public office (Korea Forest Service)

    MGIT provided training on the use of DJI industrial drones and hand-made Korean manuals so that clients can use the product without any problems in the field.

  • Business and Corporation (KHAN Co., Ltd.)

    MGIT helped with introduction of surveying drones for overseas plant construction projects, and provided customized drone training for the project so that clients can operate drones smoothly in overseas sites.

  • Public institutions (Korea Forest Fire Management Service Association)

    MGIT proposed drones mounted RTK module that can reduce errors when accurately positioning and overlapping maps to investigate and record forest fire damage sites and provided initial setting for clients to use easy.

Drone technology and service

MGIT provides drone service to business site anywhere industrial drones are applied.
  • Thermal image analysis of solar panel

    By inspecting 220,000 solar panels for defects and errors using thermal imaging cameras, the company prevented power generation loss through rapid inspection compared to human resources inspection and accurately checked the location of faulty panels in large areas based on GPS.

  • Earthwork volume analysis with LiDAR sensor

    In calculating the volume of soil for essential processes at large scale construction sites, the amount of earthwork was analyzed using drones with LiDAR payload. We calculated the amount of earthwork at regular intervals and compared and analyzed the design and construction stages to confirm whether the construction process if going well.

  • LiDAR measurement for new port site

    MGIT has measured the degree of ground subsidence of reclaimed land for the construction of a container yard with LiDAR sensor every certain period. For general aerial photographs, error ranges may occur so we scan the site with LiDAR payload and accurate numerical values were calculated.

Drone education and training program

Based on the instructor’s abundant experience and expertise, trainees can learn everything about drone operation.
  • Public mission-specific education

    It is a program for cultivating drone practical capabilities of public-sector employees to the level that can be used immediately to the public field.

  • Drone national qualification HRD course

    MGIT drone education institution has been selected as a certified educational institution for three years and has provided a professional institution for these years and has provided a professional education curriculum and trainee management system.

  • Industrial-specific drone practical training

    MGIT produceshigh-quality curriculum and provides to clients for cultivating human resources that can be put into various industrial fields such as spatial information, industrial drone operation, FPV drone operation, and thermal imaging inspection.