• Technical business department

    We offer one-stop service from delivery, operation training, and service by proposing drone solutions that suit clients’ business.

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  • CRM solution business department

    We provide high-quality lectures by developing professional education curriculum for drone application in various field such as schools, public institutions, and business.

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  • Education business department

    We operates a drone national certification program through a drone specialized education institution and trains drone experts necessary for the fourth industry.

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  • Marketing department

    We introduce industrial drone products unfamiliar to the public and drone application cases in various industrial sites through design and online/offline marketing activities.

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  • 항공측량

    MGIT Teamwork

    To achieve successful results, we break down the boundaries between departments and create small team based on the project.

  • 항공측량

    MGIT Reward

    We renew our annual salary on a six-month basis to repay the performanceand growth of individual employee.


  • 1Welfare point

    A portion of the previous year’s sales is paid as employee welfare points.
  • 2Using the annual leave in hours

    MGIT provide the use of one-hour vacation to make free working environment.
  • 3Childbirth grant

    MGIT support childbirth grant to encourage and celebrate the birth of MGIT families.
  • 4Youth Tomorrow Filling Deduction

    MGIT support employees’ long-term service and asset formation.
  • 5Allowances for lunch and snacks

    MGIT support allowances for lunch, snacks and capsule coffee for MGIT employees.